At Midwest City Auto Sales we offer a wide range of service contracts to cover a variety of used vehicles, regardless of mileage. There are even extras that few other service contracts offer, including towing, flat tire changes, emergency fuel delivery, battery jump services and key lockout service.


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With our commitment to customer-focused quality processes, business knowledge based on over 30 successful years delivering quality Vehicle Service Contract products, and service representative averaging 15 years industry experience, we provide you and your customers the service excellence you deserve.



We started with a simple mission:

Develop and offer vehicle service contracts with such a superior scope of coverage and benefits that we - as military veterans – would be proud to offer it to our military brothers and sisters. We believe we've succeeded in bringing quality products to market and fulfilling a need for all the right reasons.

GWC GWC Guardian Warranty Corporation

Welcome to GWC Warranty, the Leader in Vehicle Service Contracts.

Drive without worry that your vehicle will cost you any unforeseen repair costs! With GWC Warranty, the leader in vehicle service contracts, you can be confident that you are protected. We have helped 1.2 million drivers with vehicle coverage that preserves their peace of mind. For more than 16 years and counting, we have been a trusted partner of over 20,000 franchise and independent dealers nationwide... and we're growing every day. When you team up with us - as a customer or a dealer

- it's "No Worries. Just Drive."

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